Painting Your Furniture

painting-your-furnitureSometimes you don’t need to replace all your furniture pieces if a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into them. Here are all the important tips you need to know when it comes to painting furniture.

Brand matters

Your choice of brand plays an important role in determining the end quality of your paint job. For starters, spray paint is the best paint option for furniture as it gives it that glossy sheen. Don’t settle for the cheapest paint in the store simply because you are looking for the best bargain. Remember, your furniture typically defines your home and you don’t want some chipping paint to be what people remember when they come to your home.

Should you start with sanding

This wholly depends on your type of furniture. If you have ragged pieces that have authentic dents and nicks, then sanding is not necessary. On the other hand, if your furniture is smooth and sleek, sanding before painting will guarantee you a perfect finish.

Do you need a primer?

Priming before you paint your furniture will give you an elegant and crisp result. A bottle usually goes for about 4 dollars so you won’t be spending a fortune on it.

Does the temperature matter?

Warm temperatures are best for painting. You should aim for at least 50 degrees to start painting. This is because such temperatures allow the paint to adhere to the furniture better with lower chances of seeing any cracks.

Should you use polyurethane?

This again depends on your type of furniture. Applying it on white furniture is not a good idea as it turns yellow with time. However if you use your furniture frequently, then applying polyurethane will work perfectly. Painting is way cheaper than buying a new set of furniture, so why not?