Designer-Style Home Offices for True Gamers

The interior design of a house reflects the owner’s personality or interests. The home office of a passionate gamer is definitely different from that of a non-gamer. A gamer’s home office is not only beautiful, but also functional and efficient. Just as there are thousands of games, there is a wide array of designer-style home offices for true gamers that offer different gaming experiences. One person’s ultimate environment may not be the most preferred environment for another gamer. Some popular designer-style home offices for true gamers utilise the PCE concept that features up to three fully adjustable monitors from monitor viewing angle to the footrest.

shutterstock_80549899Transforming a home office to a play station

As the number of home office units continues to increase due to technological advancements and changing workplace diversity, gamers prefer multipurpose work/fun computer systems to using computer desks. When planning for a home office dedicated to these functionalities, every space in the home office is turned into either a workspace or game station. The Obutto gaming cockpit, for example, can be used for business and fun. Coupled with a super-comfortable chair, the home office design provides the best of both worlds (as an ergonomic work space and play station). offers a wide range of ideas concerning gaming and education, among other issues.

Having the best work-from-home experience

Your work-from-home experience needs not to be quiet and boring. With the plethora of invigorating games and home office designs available, you can design you home office in a flexible manner so that you can easily shift from work to fun. One can search for a suitable home office design depending on their preference of the best gaming environment. With such a system, you will not be worried about the amount of time you spend at work. Everything will be at your fingertips. When you are worn out and want a break, you just boot up a game and relax.

Know Your Leg Styles

Aesthetic appeal is not the only thing you should consider about the leg styles of furniture. The styles will dictate their functionality as well as give you an idea as to when it was manufactured. Here are some of the most common styles that are found in valuable antiques.

Flemish scroll

flemish-scrollThis leg style is marked by scrolls at both the top and the bottom of the leg, often designed to be opposite from each other. These were very common in the seventeenth century and were designed for King Charles the second. They are also referred to as double scroll legs.


This is a very popular leg design that is made with the knee of the leg facing outward and with the ankle facing inward that sits on a separate foot. This style is best associated with Queen Anne and makes for a very elegant design. The separate foot is often designed according to the buyers preference with the most common being the pad foot and the ball and claw one.


Much like the saber sword, the saber leg is designed with a concave shape and is mostly found on 4-legged chairs or stools. They can either have a square or a rounded shape. This leg design was a Greek favorite and if you are into the Greek culture, then you might want to design your dining chairs with saber legs.


This is a very dated style that literally resembled a twisted rope. It is believed to have Indian origin. They are mostly found on stools and are very common in England.

If you are making your furniture from scratch, you can tell your carpenter or furniture contractor the style of leg that is most appealing to you. This way, your home will have some historical charm without costing you an arm and a leg.

Painting Your Furniture

painting-your-furnitureSometimes you don’t need to replace all your furniture pieces if a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into them. Here are all the important tips you need to know when it comes to painting furniture.

Brand matters

Your choice of brand plays an important role in determining the end quality of your paint job. For starters, spray paint is the best paint option for furniture as it gives it that glossy sheen. Don’t settle for the cheapest paint in the store simply because you are looking for the best bargain. Remember, your furniture typically defines your home and you don’t want some chipping paint to be what people remember when they come to your home.

Should you start with sanding

This wholly depends on your type of furniture. If you have ragged pieces that have authentic dents and nicks, then sanding is not necessary. On the other hand, if your furniture is smooth and sleek, sanding before painting will guarantee you a perfect finish.

Do you need a primer?

Priming before you paint your furniture will give you an elegant and crisp result. A bottle usually goes for about 4 dollars so you won’t be spending a fortune on it.

Does the temperature matter?

Warm temperatures are best for painting. You should aim for at least 50 degrees to start painting. This is because such temperatures allow the paint to adhere to the furniture better with lower chances of seeing any cracks.

Should you use polyurethane?

This again depends on your type of furniture. Applying it on white furniture is not a good idea as it turns yellow with time. However if you use your furniture frequently, then applying polyurethane will work perfectly. Painting is way cheaper than buying a new set of furniture, so why not?

Finding a Reliable Furniture Contractor

finding-a-reliable-furniture-contractorIf you are interested in remodeling your wooden interiors or buying new furniture including cabinets, hiring a reliable contractor with a real reputation is important. Carpentry involves a lot of high end intricate skills, and you want to be sure that you are going to be happy with your end result.

Do your homework

Ask for referrals from friends, family members or neighbors who have recently had some furniture or remodeling done for them. If you’ve recently worked with a good building contractor, you can ask them to recommend a furniture contractor who does their job meticulously. You can also look for reviews on the Internet that will give you a clear idea of the person or company you are about to deal with.

Get quotes

Get at least three contractors and give them a detailed description of the work you require and let them give their quotes. Pay attention to how professional the contractors are when assessing the work that should be done. A contractor who quotes an exceptionally low price is not always a good idea nor is one who is too expensive. Use your judgment to determine whether you are getting a fair deal.

Ask for references

Talent is only one of the factors to consider when looking for a carpenter. You want one who is trustworthy and who respects deadlines. The only way to be sure about this is if you can speak to some of their past clients. A good contractor should not hesitate to share such information with you.

Ask for a sample

Seeing is believing and once you see a sample of what they’ve worked on before, you will know what to expect should you bring them aboard.

Once you are satisfied with the above, you can go ahead and hire them making sure to clearly describe what you need done.

Buying Furniture When You Can’t Afford It

buying-furniture-when-you-cant-afford-itYou are just through with college and it’s not the time to move into your first apartment. With the budget you have, you can’t afford to move into a furnished apartment. So, how on earth are you supposed to live comfortable in the shell of a house? Well, this need not be the case; you can manage to buy some furniture even with the tightest of budgets.

Prioritization is key

Why would you buy a flat screen television when you don’t even have a couch to sit on or a bed to sleep on? List everything you need from the most important to the least important. A TV should be among the last things you should buy, especially if you already have a personal computer. With Netflix and a host of other online channels, you can get the same service you would from a TV.

Verge collections

You’ve heard of the adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, this couldn’t be truer for furniture. It’s very to get a bed, couch, microwave, or even fridge in perfect working condition at verge points.

Be creative

With the power of Internet at our disposal, it’s very easy to get online furniture deals and tips that are very pocket friendly. For example, instead of contracting a carpenter to come install a closet in your bedroom, you can purchase a clothing rack for less than 10 dollars.

Try your hand at decorating

When you are forced to buy the furniture you need instead of what you really want to buy, it means your home can easily end up looking like an antique shop full of color clashing pieces. Add few personal touches to bring everything together. You can buy matching rugs or accessories such as flower vases or tea light candles.

Remember, this is only temporary, once you land a great job; you are on to be able to buy the furniture you like.

How to Decorate Your First Home

how-to-decorate-your-first-homeMany of you dream of the day you will move into your own home and turning this dream into reality is one of the biggest milestones a person can accomplish. However, this is just the first step; you now need to turn the empty living space into a warm and inviting home. Here are some amazing tips on how to go about decorating your first home.

Organize all your belongings

Organizing all your things before you move into your new home will help you get rid of all the things you don’t actually need. Many of you are guilty of holding on to things that you haven’t used for the past year or so. When tiding up, be real with yourself and only pack what you actually need. The last thing you want is to move into your new home with junk. Organizing will also make the moving process pretty simple and hustle free.

The bedroom comes first

This room is where you will get the ultimate home comfort. You therefore want to ensure you have the best bedding you can get within your budget. Create a list of all the things you are going to need then arrange them in terms of importance. You can even paint the bedroom wall to complement your curtains and bedding.

Bring everything together with color

If your furniture pieces range from retro to contemporary, this should not worry you. Your choice of color can help bring everything together. Go for a uniform color that complements everything in your home. If this sounds like too much work, you can find accessories and rugs that share a color with most of your furniture.

Be practical

If you don’t like the quality of your closet or kitchen cabinets, you can start by applying a fresh coat of paint instead of buying an expensive set. Save this for later when you are financially ready.

Amazing Tips for First Time Homeowners

amazing-tips-for-first-time-homeownersBuying furniture will serve as one of your biggest home investments. It is therefore important that you make well informed choices so you don’t end up buying pieces that you will need to dispose within a couple of months. Additionally, you don’t want to spend a fortune when you could have easily gotten a good deal.

Start saving as soon as possible

You should start saving some money as soon as you decide you want to invest in a new home or when you decide that you want to replace your current furniture. This way, you will have enough money to buy some quality pieces and you also won’t have to settle for a zero-interest loan.

By saving well in advance, you will avoid the last minute hustle of going with just any furniture simply because you don’t have enough money.

Take it slow

Rome was not built in a day and you too should not be in a hurry to furnish your entire home within a day. Start buying a piece or two at a time. If you are shopping for a new baby, don’t wait until the baby is due in two weeks for you to start shopping. Do it well in advance to avoid panicking and making unsound decisions.

Have an emergency fund

Buying a new home comes with a good number of extra expenses that are mostly unaccounted for. And as much as you would like to stick to your budget, you should realize that you are probably going to incur some more expenses such as unexpected repairs or high energy bills. Having an emergency fund will help cushion you from these expenses and give you a smooth transition into your new home.

Buying a new home is a major achievement. Make it count by being well prepared!

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Furniture

shopping-for-furnitureFurniture shopping has always been a complex and expensive affair. The thing is that you don’t buy a bed the same way you buy a microwave. It is therefore important that you have some insider tips to help you get the best quality at the greatest bargain.

Ignore the price tags

One trick that furniture stores use is putting price tags and discounts on items. Most of the time, you can haggle your way to a price that’s much lower than the price indicated on the tag. Shop around a few furniture stores so you get a sense of the real value of the item then try your best to get a fair value from your seller.

How to get the merchandise home

For most homeowners, the biggest nightmare is how to get your new piece of furniture home after making the payment. Most furniture delivery trucks can really disappoint you in terms of late deliveries with some people having to lose up to 2 working days simply tracking their delivery. To protect yourself, verify the cancellation policy of the furniture store you are buying from. You should be able to get a 100 percent refund if the store does not meet all of its obligations.

Additional costs

The delivery process is where your furniture deal can go south. As such, it is important that you discuss the price of delivery with the furniture store before you go any further into the deal. One important consideration you need to make when making your furniture selection is whether it’s going to fit in your home. You don’t want to buy a couch that’s too big to fit your living room or that will be too tedious to get over a flight of stairs as this might add to your delivery costs. The important thing is to make prudent shopping decisions and you should be just fine.

Furnish your Home like a Pro

furnish-your-home-like-a-proFurnishing a home is one of the most daunting things in the world unless you are an interior design expert or furniture pro. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get the best of what the market has to offer. These tips will take you from being a clueless buyer to a furniture aficionado within minutes.

Don’t buy in stores that offer a 0% down furniture deal

When furnishing an entire home, it is easy to get tempted to take a 0 percent interest loan so you can do it all at once. But on further scrutiny, you can save more money by purchasing used for a longer duration as you accumulate more money to buy your desired furniture.

The truth is, companies that offer the zero-interest loans do so because they are working on their pricing model, meaning they work up a markup for bier profits which only means that you are later going to need to dig deeper.

Quality trumps quantity

The biggest mistake that homeowners make when shopping is to buy large quantities of furniture especially when they believe they are getting a bargain. The problem is that most of the times, they end up with a lot of garbage in their homes. What you can do is buy one or two furniture pieces at a time to ensure you get exactly what you need for your home.

Give estate sales a shot

Buying new pieces of furniture can be quite expensive and if you are trying to stay within your budget, then you can easily end up settling for less quality. You can however get better quality from used furniture at a pocket-friendly price.

Furniture shopping is something that requires a lot of advance planning. Remember, you are on to be stuck with what you buy for quite some time. Make sure it’s something you love.